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There must be an attractive place, there must be something worthy of nostalgia, what is that? Like Tai Shu so good to others, as long as the object is not Yu Gong Nirvana, will be useful, but others will not need it? Like Yu Gong Nie, stupid naysayers can only be annoying. What on earth is going to happen? [Required.] Jiang first saw his own life in the tense living room of other people's homes. Be the one who is needed. If you can't live without a person, be the one she needs most and can't be replaced, so that she can see me in her eyes. Why did King Shen keep me? Was it because of kindness? Because Tang needs me, and he needs me. Tai Shuyu didn't need me, so he wasn't so eager to remind me, and he just did it at will, unlike Yu Gong Nie. Yu Gong Nie needs too Shuyu, so no matter how unhappy he is, he will still come to him. Xiyi can live well anyway, so she doesn't need anyone. I'm going to be what she needs. Realizing that Wei Xiyi could live well without him at all, and that he had been helped by other girls, made Jiang Xian quite depressed, but he quickly perked up. It is precisely because of this that I have traveled thousands of miles and looked around, but in the end I did not get anyone's help? Can not make people see the hope, empty identity,Cold Drawn Tubes, can only be used. Doing things, only doing things, can prove that they are not good for nothing, there is a lovely place. Empty oaths are useless.] Jiang Xian's heart is getting brighter and brighter. Now is a good chance to prove yourself. Jiang first finally put his eyes on Yu Gong Nie's body, that's him! If we can solve him, it is to solve a big problem of Tai Shuyu, which can win the favor of Tai Shuyu. I can also prove to that person that I am not a person who can only sit and wait to be fed. Freeloading. It can be seen that who attaches great importance to Tai Shuyu. Right? Jiang Xian also has a strange feeling, always feel that Tai Shuyu and Wei Xiyi's family get along,side impact door beams, some disharmony. I didn't understand before, but I only said that Tai Shuyu had a good character, but now I feel that he is too good to Wei Xiyi's family. In any case, it is necessary to solve Yu Gong Nirvana. The first time Yu Gong Nie stepped into the door, Jiang first stood up. —————————————————— After being "invited" back to the mansion a few days ago, Yu Gong Nie was stunned for a while. In front of Qi Shuyu, he had never enjoyed such treatment-being "escorted" back. It was ignored! When he was "escorted", Yu Gong Nie felt offended! Anger is high and words are unscrupulous. However, although the people around him put on a look of horror, they still carried out the order of Tai Shuyu perfectly and "asked" him to go home. Back in his own house, Yu Gong Nie lost his temper, really people and ghosts do not approach. After losing his temper, no one came to persuade him, and he felt more and more sad. Anger is followed by emptiness, and emptiness brings panic. He thought that Tai Shuyu was just too busy to neglect himself, side impact beams ,stainless steel 304 pipes, and after being questioned by himself, it was necessary for him to come back and do something small. However, no, too Shuyu went to the palace the next day, and when he came back, he just told the teacher to give him lessons, but too Shuyu himself did not appear again. Yu Gong Nie for the first time some regret his attitude is not too bad, but also very rare to recall the first meeting with Wei Xiyi, the hateful barbarian woman said-she will be good to their relatives-and he does seem to have a slight lack of Tai Shuyu. He also tried to change, but the power of habit is a little strong, a careless, on the relapse. Well, there are some things that are not so good. Yu Gong Nie secretly said to himself, if he comes today, I will be good to him, every day is today, said many times "a little better today", Yu Gong Nie finally angry: come again I must make him understand, I am angry! Tai Shuyu still didn't come. Things are out of control. It shouldn't be like this. Yu Gong Nie's experience is that since he had a hunger strike when he was a child, as long as he was willing to live, Tai Shuyu worked hard and obeyed him. Should we go on another hunger strike? Yu Gong Nie turned the idea over again, and immediately gave up the idea himself-it was too weak. [Beg book net qiushu. CC to update fast, website page is relaxed, advertisement is little, without play window, like this kind of website most, must favorable comment] he chose to hit the door to go, he did not believe, what thing can have to compare him to return important? Did the king come to the door? It was not the king who came, but the king's cheap son. When Yu Gong Nie shouted, "What distinguished guests are there?"? Will you come to the West Court? The feeling of disobedience in Jiang Xian's heart was stronger-the location of Xiyi's residence was not quite right. If Tai Shuyu's mother were still alive, it would be just right to live in this position. Yu Gong Nie did not take the whip this time, learned the lesson of the last time, he came with his bare hands. Instead of dressing neatly, he deliberately made a mess from head to toe, together with his clothes. He was so handsome that he was not too impolite to be dressed in this way. Moreover, he was quite hostile to the mother and son, and did not think that there was anything noble about their status. The prince of Nanjun was just a car in Tianyi, not to mention ordinary barbarians? What kind of noble people can come to the door? When he saw Jiang Xian, his next sarcastic remark was choked in his throat, so that he changed his words: "Childe Xian?"? What are you doing here? Not to mention that Childe Xian's mother was going to be the queen, but Childe Xian himself was also the son of a great power. The Tang Dynasty had not yet split, and he was recognized by the king. Holding a ceremony was a serious king of a great power. In the past, Yu Gong Nirvana was very rude to many people because there was always someone to deal with the aftermath of everything. However, according to what Geng said to Wei Xiyi in private, "He is very shrewd. He has never caused any trouble that his uncle can't cope with. He cherishes his life very much." At that time, accompanied by Geng's sneer, Wei Xiyi was lost in thought. Now,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, Geng quietly leaned over again and whispered in Wei Xiyi's ear, "Childe has changed first, just now." 。


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