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When the three were deadlocked, Qiaoyuan suddenly saw Luo Jixue standing next to him. "You're just in time," said Qiaoyuan hurriedly. "Hurry up and find a way to get rid of him.." His words stopped abruptly when he saw Luo Jixue suddenly raise a stick as thick as a thigh in his hand. Ah With a roar, Luo Jixue suddenly raised his stick and threw it at Yao Xiangming, who had his back to her. The stick hit Yao Xiangming on the back of his head with precision and made a dull sound. The stick almost rubbed the tip of Qiaoyuan's nose, scaring him into a cold sweat behind his back. After Luo Jixue hit the target, he threw the stick aside like a hot potato, and then worried and innocent tunnel: "He, is he all right?"? Did you pass out? Qiao yuan and Yu Zizhe: "… …" Is there anything wrong with him? Don't you have a B number in your mind as a doctor? I didn't see any mercy when I just did it! That's terrible! The author has something to say: Qiaoyuan: I'm afraid. Yu Zizhe: Yes. Yao Xiangming: [Crying] Luo Jixue: I, I would never be so ferocious at ordinary times. Three person Don't believe. Thanks for the time, thanks for the thunder cast by the following handsome and lovely big man full of European spirit! Ye Qi threw a mine throwing time: 2018-04-27 19:43:18 Aisi threw a mine throwing time: 2018-04-28 15:29:20 2719020171 threw a mine throwing time: 2018-05-03 10:37:18 Moon threw a mine throw time: 2018-05-09 13:06:25 Thanks to the nutrient solution sent by the following beautiful,plastic pallet manufacturer, lovely and super awesome big brother! Reader "Gone with the Wind", irrigated nutrient solution + 22018 -05-17 13:01:50 Reader "", Irrigation nutrient solution + 12018 -05-16 21:30:32 Reader "Smell Tea", Irrigation Nutrient Solution + 32018-05-09 19:32:54 Reader "Spicy Cat",plastic pallet suppliers, irrigated nutrient solution + 902018 -05-06 20:22:57 Reader "Kinlin King", Irrigation Nutrient Solution + 12018-05-02 14:51:13 Chapter 22 "Don't worry, I'm a doctor, and I'm sure I've mastered the strength, and I won't kill people!" Luo Jixue looked at the frightened eyes of the two men and stamped his feet with shame and annoyance. Okay, okay, I get it. Is there any rope to tie up the goods? Qiaoyuan Road. However, as soon as he loosened his grip slightly, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet crates, he suddenly felt Yao Xiangming under his hands suddenly struggling. He didn't pass out! He hurriedly roared, and re-concentrated all his strength to grab Yao Xiangming's shoulder. However, it was such a momentary distraction that made the previous efforts go down the drain. Ah! Ah! Yao Xiangming roared, waved his shoulder violently, and then bumped into Qiaoyuan, which immediately made Qiaoyuan release his hand. And Yu Zizhe is not a power player, but he was thrown by Yao Xiangming and fell on the sand next to him, and his hand loosened. As soon as Yao Xiangming regained his freedom, he rushed at the weakest Luo Jixue. Luo Jixue reaction is also very good, plus a world of exercise, she almost instantly turned to run away. Qiaoyuan and Yu Zizhe stood up and ran after him. The four of them chased each other and made the dead beach very lively. But fortunately there were no dangerous animals around, otherwise the beach would be a mess. We have to find a way to trap him! Is there a vine or something in the woods that you can use? Qiaoyuan Road. Yu Zizhe shook his head: "It's better not to go in there easily. There are too many mosquitoes in the bushes, and the number of blood-sucking leeches is very large.". Insects in the tropics can easily cause acute diseases. Qiaoyuan sighed, "It's too difficult to control him without hurting him. Besides, we don't even know what the enemy is. If one of us becomes like this again, things will be very difficult.". ” The two of them were discussing anxiously when suddenly Luo Jixue's cry of collapse came from the front: "What are you two doing?"? I'm running out of energy! What the fuck Almost got caught! Even more attention to the image of her direct expletives, it is not difficult to imagine what the tragic situation ahead looks like. Luo Jixue is very good at holding on for so long. Qiaoyuan picked up a stone from the ground and rushed ahead, saying, "But this is the only way. Lead him into the woods!" "Good." Yu Zizhe nodded and agreed. Yu Zizhe, you go to attract his attention! Let's go to the bushes and find a vine to weave a rope and tie him up! Roared Qiaoyuan. Although it sounds very simple, it is to weave a strong enough straw rope with slender vines. But in fact, it is very difficult to complete this operation. It is not easy to weave a straw rope by hand, and it is even more difficult to find rattan in the dark and dangerous jungle. It may take a little time to weave the rope and make it long enough. How long can you slip Yao Xiangming? Qiao yuan Dao. There should be no problem. You should pay attention to the quality. As for the length of time, that's up to me. Yu Zizhe's expression was very serious, and it seemed that he was ready to do his best. Running out of breath in front of Luo Jixue completely exploded, shouting: "Dry!"! I don't care what you think! Somebody get this boar out of here! Qiao yuan & Yu Zizhe: "… …" Mom Wild boar Awesome. When Qiaoyuan saw that Luo Jixue could hardly hold up,plastic pallet price, he immediately raised the small stone in his hand and aimed at Yao Xiangming's head and threw it directly. With a thump, the stone hit perfectly. And Yao Xiangming also stopped and turned to look at Qiaoyuan. With a sarcastic look on his face, Qiaoyuan didn't care whether the other party understood or not. "Hey!" He said! The gorilla or the wild boar in the front! Catch up with me if you can! Yao Xiangming succeeded in eating this taunt and directly changed the target to attack Qiaoyuan.


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