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When it comes to availing of ESA, the process is not as simple as it sounds. To avail of ESA, you need to follow a strict eligibility criterion based upon the extent and potency of your mental disorder. It is the responsibility of your local psychologist to ensure your eligibility to avail of ESA by issuing you an ESA letter. An ESA letter is an official authentication that validates your need to avail an ESA as a constant support companion to improve your mental health.

Emotional Support animals are trained pets who are assigned the task to provide emotional comfort to individuals struggling with depression and other mental illnesses. ESA has become incredibly popular in the present times because of its increased recognition in the medical circles and demand by individuals due to its effectiveness in curing mental illnesses compared to conventional treatments.

Before making the use of ESA with the concerned authorities, it must be ensured that your ESA letter is legitimate and issued by a licensed medical healthcare practitioner. Some of the mental health conditions that make you eligible for an ESA include psychological trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.

Having a legitimate ESA letter makes you eligible to avail of an ESA which serves as your constant companion to improve your health. Availing emotional support animal letter is a gateway for you to push yourself towards the journey of recovery and rejuvenation from your deformed mental health status. Having an ESA around provides you with a sense of security and emotional support. In addition, an ESA has more legal rights which allow you to keep your animal in your apartment or travel along with it, without any additional fee or charges.

When it comes to applying for an ESA, you must make sure that you are mentally and physically capable enough to look after your ESA. Having an ESA comes with great responsibility since you become responsible to look after another life, alongside yours. You must ensure the well-being of your pet by taking care of the eating, cleaning, and other needs of your pet. Thus, it is important to evaluate your decision beforehand to ensure that you are competent enough to avail an ESA for yourself.

When it comes to ESA, they are not like other animals or pets. Emotional Support Animals have more rights and legal protection which makes the ESA owner avail them with greater feasibility and ease. Two of the prominent federal laws that protect the ESA include Fair Housing Act and The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) that allow ESA to accompany their owners without having the owners pay additional charges for keeping them.

1) Fair Housing Act

Under the Fair Housing Act, the owners of ESA are allowed to accommodate their pets in their apartments and house, without needing to pay their tenants additional charges to keep them. Unlike regular pets, an esa letter for housing provides legal permission to individuals to accompany their owners wherever they want to keep them. Currently, 50 states in the US support the Fair Housing Act where the following rules and regulations are ensured by the State:

1) The tenants cannot impose constraints on individuals in need of an ESA, despite being the owners of the property.

2) The owner cannot restrict the entry of the ESA in the house based upon the size, breed, or weight of the animal.

3) The owners are not allowed to collect additional fees or deposits from the residents for keeping an ESA.

4) The house owners cannot investigate the medical records of their residents or demand the records without their permission.

5) However, the landlords have the authority to reject or restrict the permission to allow an ESA in the apartment or homes, provided that the ESA threatens the safety or security of other residents around.

2) The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA)

The second important State right provided to ESA is the Air Access Act under which the ESA are allowed to accompany their owners on airplanes without the need to deposit additional fees or charges for the pets. Since January 2021, several airlines have restricted access to ESAs on board. However, there still are airlines that permit the access of ESA on board without any additional charges applied.

An airline cannot reject the access of an ESA onboard based upon its size, breed type, or weight. However, they can limit the access of one pet per individual to be permitted onboard. In addition, the airline can reject the access of ESA on board if it compromises the security, health, or safety of other individuals. In addition, several airlines require you to inform them two days before the boarding date to ensure that all the necessary documents and criteria are properly fulfilled.

There you go with a complete guide as to what laws and regulations you must be familiar with, for having an ESA as your companion animal. We hope that using this information, you will be able to move around with your animal with greater ease. Awareness of these laws will allow you to conquer any difficulty that you might encounter with your landlord or while traveling. Good Luck.

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